Interior Decorative Trim


Airbag Emblems

We offer a wide range of OEM approved chrome finishes, including bright, satin, black and Galvano, as well as multiple colors and finish combinations available in paint over chrome.


Coordinate color and finish with the airbag emblem or decorative trim on the instrument panel and console.  



Instrument Panel

Decorative trim pieces in both standard injection molding and 2-shot process.  



Console Lid Handle

Class A decorative trim is visual; thus, a critical area for high-quality functional fit and finish.  

Illuminated Cup Holder

Constructed with a light string that wraps around the cup holder, then is backlit through bright chrome metalization.


Illuminated TGS Indicator (PRNDL)

TGS Cover Assembly development and production, use of in-house designed circuit minimizes the number of LEDs required.


Livonia, Michigan USA


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