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Ambient Lighting


Harmonized Lighting

Leaders in full vehicle integration of ambient lighting with decorative trim--from door trim, to instrument panel,  seat back, speaker grille, map pocket and console.  


Lit Door Spears

Sophisticated indoor atmosphere created by indirect lighting.  Multiple colors available through LIN communication.  Transmissive PVD allows for chrome appearance during the day, ambient lighting at night.

Backlit Trim

Soft, indirect interior lighting through light string illumination.  Let us integrate multiple features, such as in-mold decoration (IMD), specialized paint and ambient lighting to provide a luxurious look and feel to the trim.

Harmony Lighting


IP Lamp

Consistent lighting created by using a light string and decoration.  Coordinate lighting with door panels, speaker grilles, consoles and map pockets for that harmonized look.

IP Lamp

Interior lighting contributes to a vehicle's visual branding and provides comfort ambience.

Instrument Panel


Center Console

LIN controlled RGB LEDs accent the console, providing aesthetic appeal along with moving towards the trend of  connecting light with driver emotions.

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